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We knew there were other applications we wanted to include, and should have done a better job stating that from the get-go.Loc Trung poker results. is the best poker information portal for free poker. as well as coverage from all major poker tournaments in.I would give it five stars if you could note opening chip stacks and rebuy in amounts.

Equilab is a popular tool for checking your equity in any situation, against a specific hand or range of hands.You can use sophisticated filtering and reporting tools to generate graphs of your play, where patterns can be picked out, (or you can just have a sick graph to brag about on the forums.).The beauty of GTORangeBuilder is that you need only a rudimentary understanding of game theory and how it applies to poker to get value from this software.Full Review Chris Moore April 13, 2016 Pretty good, but with a few annoying bugs.Full Review A Google User April 28, 2012 Quit button Please make a quit button that will shut down the app.

The idea with these applications is to make poker training enjoyable and as much like playing the game as possible, while still be a deep learning experience.If you understand only one thing about poker strategy software, understand that knowing how to use these specialized programs gives you an enormous edge over your opponents.Game theory optimal (GTO) play has been and will continue to be all the rage.Easy Poker Tournament Timer is the ideal solution for running your poker tournaments. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. It will take you.Another way to put it: To varying degrees, a prerequisite to using these programs is a deep understanding of poker strategy.What this app lacks in flashy bells and whistles, in more than makes up for in comprehensive analysis.

A real Swiss army knife on an app, Poker Analytics is a fully customizable game tracker.Yet, if I am not mistaken, Equilab does just that by pressing the Piechart.Fix for 5 star Full Review A Google User December 30, 2011 Crashes Game crashes at random intervals.At the same time, you need to be able to analyze your vast database of online hands to find leaks and see exactly where your money is coming from.Full Review A Google User March 10, 2012 Excellent, but some issues A polished app with plenty of options for however you run your games.Like Flopzilla, PokerRanger is built to calculate the equity of various range matchups.

An Overview of Online Poker Tools and Software. Poker tournaments are divided in stages,. Free Online Poker Tools and Software.Full Review Barbara Kopp September 9, 2013 The best poker clock out there.You may want to use software like Advanced Poker Software and connect your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable.Full Review A Google User November 16, 2010 Works pretty good, I just wish there was an easy way to close out of it when you were done.

It features an impressive user interface that does a good job of organizing a dizzying array of options and statistics.I downloaded UPT on my rooted Droid phone then extracted the apk.gz via Titanium Backup ang gmailed it to myself, unzipped it on my PC and gmailed it again.Stats abound in various list views, and there are graphs to chart progress as well.The function of Flopzilla is simple: Quickly and simply figure out how a range hits a board.

Full Review A Google User April 15, 2012 Use to love this app.Full Review A Google User February 20, 2012 Good Timer for Poker I love this timer because you can customizable features.

Knowing how to read basic HUD stats, understanding sample size and learning how to exploit player tendencies is a necessary edge if you want to win the tough online games.If you know of a great poker strategy application, please let us know.

PokerSnowie is interesting in that its educational arsenal is based on a balanced, non-exploitative approach.Flopzilla just does not have a lot of competition and a free trial period.First off, we definitely should have been clearer on what this article was: A list of all the poker software previously mentioned in Red Chip Poker videos, podcasts and articles.

Available for both Mac and the less powerful (but only slightly) iOS version for iPad and iPhone.And by fully customizable, I mean you can input a custom field to track how working out affects your win rate.This can show you what the EV of your play is, just by inputting your expected profit and loss, and your estimated odds of winning the pot.The answer is yes, and PokerSnowie is one of the most popular ways to access it.Using the list of already-vetted apps was the easiest way to do this.This is accomplished with a utilitarian graphic user interface that allows the quick selection on preflop combinations and ranges to dynamically calculate odds of making all possible hands.See the features for yourself, this app is one of the most well-rounded and robust around when it comes to GTO calculations, and visualizing a wide range of equities in tournaments.